Friday, January 19, 2007

Well at my doctor's the other day ..they had posted some foods and drinks with info on them
this one was interesting:

McDonald's Shakes: Mcdonald's triple thick shakes look like ordinary shake.
You'd never guess that a large averages 1,120 calories and 28 grams of fat,
17 of them saturated.
That's about the heart-slamming fat of 2 Quarter Pounders...nearly the calories of 3.
Since when does a beverage supply half-a-days calories and close -to-a-day's work of artery gunk.
So next time the kids ask for the shake...think about that.


Being Mrs Miles said...

whew - since I don't ever have their shakes I feel better !!! I once heard they are really made with wood pulp anyways, so I guess that turned me off. I try to imagine what every bite of food I put in my mouth does to fuel my body. :) thanks for sharing.