Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends --- Family ---- people are always saying family just can't be friends it doesn't it work. That your friends have to be someone not connected to you through family . But I beg to differ...this lady has been my sister in law(Barb) ..for over 23 years ....but she has been my friend through all those years ...she has been honest ...loving ...and understanding ....all the things you like for in a friend....and yes we do say what is on our hearts and on our mind ...we don't play a game... for both of us know life is real. So the next time you think a family member can't be your friend....remember it is you that stops and makes those decisions and you stop what could be an awesome sister in law or brother in law from becoming what they are in your life a friend. Love ya David and Neti ..sorry I couldn't get the picture to load(I think I saved it wrong) ..boohoo again these people are family and friends ..and I thank them for that .. I love them dearly
Love you all

(And I hope that in time I can become a friend to those that will open the door .)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful layout love the pretty paper......I totally agree you can be friends with family ....

Being Mrs Miles said...

Awww - I'm MOVED Judy, thanks for the sentiments. You've been a good friend and sister in law. I'll treasure this layout!

Love you,

Being Mrs Miles said...

Where did the layout go???