Thursday, January 22, 2009

33 weeks
Well many of you may not know this but one of our daughters is having her first baby ...I have started a blog just featuring her and her man and the changes she is going through. Samantha I don't want to hide it anymore ...for those that have awful things to say or voice ..well I feel sorry for them ...cause you are a great lady...I know your sisters love you and your brother..I know that each one of their families love you to. I know your nieces love you and should get to see how you are changing. So if you would like to drop in and visit and leave some love ...please do. This little saying says it all all of us ...

Her site is The Little One Inside of You

Barry and Corey went ice fishing Wednesday was so fog ...but the frost on the trees was beautiful ...wish I could of been there ...Barry also got an Owl ..he has not downloaded the little video to me yet ...but the owl was so big ...I will posted it has soon has I have it .....

My SIL Maggie from Vancouver sent this picture was sent to her by one of her daughters friends... it was taken Tuesday at 6:30 in the morning....awesome picture.


Being Mrs Miles said...

Wow - Sam's BIG day is drawing near. I know she will be a great mom - she's certainly had a ton of practice with all her nieces and nephews! How exciting!

Judy the photo of theh trees on the lake is just amazing... its so beautiful, soft and magical. GREAT shot. You captured it perfectly.

This shot of Vancouver is very nice, not a usual view of the city.

I hope you have a great day today. I'll be thinking of you. If I know you you'll be busy busy. Big hugs to Barry and Melissa for me!


Anonymous said...

leaving a comment for you your blog is looking great Samanthas room is going to look great Love