Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thought this was really neat ...something to make fresh ...when you just want really butter for a special night ...even the kids can have fun with this ...

You Can Make Butter
You don’t have to live on a dairy farm to try your hand at making butter. Nor do you have to own a churn or other old time equipment. Try this technique, which is often employed to show schools kids the science of butter-making.

Ingredients: 1-1/2 (360 ml) heavy cream (35% whipping cream)
Pinch of salt

Equipment: 1 quart (1L) plastic jar with sealing lid – DO NOT USE a glass jar
6 clean marbles, or thoroughly washed pebbles
Tap water & mixing spoon & rubber spatula & small dish
Butter mould (optional)

Steps 1 WARM-UP –let the cream stand on the kitchen counter until it reaches room temperature

Step 2 GETTING STARTED –Pour the cream into the jar (i). Add the marbles(ii) or stones and screw the lid on tightly.

Step 3 SHAKE. RATTLE and ROLL Shake the jar steadily and vigorously(iii).Jiggle it up and down from side to side. Check the contents every now and then to see how things are processing.

Step 4 PROCESSING When the butter globs have stopped forming, open the jar and pour off the liquid (viii). This liquid is buttermilk and is useful in many pastry recipes. It should keep –refrigerated—for up to ten days. Oh yeah, remove the marbles.
Briefly, rinse the butter in cool running water (ix). Pour off the water slowly so that the butter stays in the jar.

Step 5 FLAVOURING Add a pinch of salt(x).Stir well with a mixing spoon.

Step 6 SERVING Using the spatula; scrape the butter into a small dish (ix). If you have a butter mould, press the butter into it, or “sculpt” the butter into a square or rectangle with the spatula and your fingers. Chill for about half an hour before serving. Yields about ¾ cup (180ml).

Here are a few other flavours you can add to your butter:

Lemon, Wine & Dill , Butter
Combine ½ cup (120ml) of cubed butter with finely grated zest of 1 lemon, 1 tbsp (15ml) of white wine and 1 tbsp (15ml) of chopped fresh dill. Blend until smooth.
Wonderful on grilled fish

Horseradish & Chive Butter
Combine ½ cup (120 ml) cubed butter in a food processor with 2 tsp (10ml) horseradish sauce and 1 tsp (15ml) chopped chives.
Perfect spread for a cold roast beef sandwich

Cream Cheese & Honey Butter
Combine ¼ cup (60ml) cubed butter with ¼ cup cubed cream cheese (60ml). 2 Tbsp (30ml) liquid honey and ½ tsp (2.5ml) ground cinnamon in the food processor. Blend until smooth.
The ideal complement to muffins or bagels

Herb Butter
Combine ½ cup (120ml) cubed butter with ¼ cup (60ml) chopped parsley and 1 tbsp (15m)chopped fresh tarragon and a half a small clove of crushed garlic. Blend until smooth.

Honey & Mustard Butter
Combine ½ cups (120ml) cubed butter with 1 ½ tbsp (22ml) grainy Dijon mustard, 1 ½ tbsp (22ml) liquid honey and 1 tbsp (15ml) chopped fresh parsley. Blend until smooth.

Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Butter
Drain, rinse and chop 1/3 cup (80ml) oil packed sundried tomatoes. Combine with ½ cup (120ml) cubed butter and 2 tbsp (30ml) chopped fresh basil. Blend until smooth.
Just a quick note here with some interesting info
Did you know?
Baked potato with a pat of butter : calories 179 grams of fat 4.0
15 French Fries : calories 237 grams of fat 124

Corn on the cob with a pat of butter : calories 117 grams of fat 4.8
½ cup potato salad : calories 179 grams of fat 10.3

1 cup air popped popcorn with a pat of butter: calories 57 grams of fat 4.1
½ cup roasted peanuts : calories 420 grams of fat 35



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Great idea!

Haha, you could invite your guests over and get them to 'churn' their own butter. Bet if we had to do this we'd diet better.

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