Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Words can ease a broken heart,
Tender words of love,
Words can bring a healing stream
Flowing from above.
Words can bring a special glow
To a rainy day,
Cheering words that lift our spirits
And brighten up our way.
Loving words can do more good
Than we could ever guess,
Please, Lord, let us always speak
words that cheer and bless.

Now my Sister-In-Law Barb sent this to me and I am so thankful that she is there always to encourage me. I am glad for her honesty and her teaching ...thanks sis. Well along with this award I am to share seven random things about myself and then to share my blog with seven others. So here goes:

  • My husband is my best friend
  • love the outdoors fishing ...camping
  • love learning new things about scrapbooking and card making
  • spending time with the grandkids
  • taking pictures (some good some pretty bad)
  • love hot and spicy food
  • and in my life time so far I have never cleaned a fish or cooked liver

    seven people ..hmm these seven I have picked have help me to learn more about scrapping booking try and create have friends from all over the world who take time to be there ..and shared so much ...Thank you all.
  • Mrs Miles -- yes the very talented ..awesome lady who sent this award to me.(Love ya)
  • KimB--a very talented lady who is always there for you and lives in South Africa
  • Nina -- awesome card maker...this girl has lots of talent yet to be unleashed.
  • VJ Scraproom--I have just got to know this lady ..and there is a lady who at a drop of pin is there for you ..
  • Andrea Dickinson-- this lady has challenges and I was luck to be able to try one of them out and she was so awesome with her praise and comments. You can visit DSO to see the challenges this site has.
  • Bunny -- for her encouragement and awesome templates.
  • Jazzy -- if ever you get stuck for those words ...just ask her ..and she is right there for you.

All of these ladies are there for all please stop by each one ..they have so much to offer ..and for what they might not know they know where to found it for you ...hugs to all and a BIG THANK YOU

The girls visited on Sunday for a bit ...Aunty Candy stopped by and hugs and kiss all around ...Papa and I had taken the girls for a walk over to the park by us they were busy making snow angels ...Abi is the first snow angel in the layout and Hannah the next snow angel...
( thanks to Mrs Miles for the this half.....and KimB for this half)

Well I hope you take time to go through the slideshow ...make sure you check out the horse's face...the ferry at McLure looked so neat ...they say that if things don't melt right the ferry could be in big trouble with the ice jam they are figuring is going to happen. Well one day soon my picture taking with improve.

Mclure Area


Andrea said...

Congrats on your award! I haven't ever cleaned a fish or made liver either! Eeeewwww! hahaha

Thanks for the award! You are such a sweetie! I LOVE your layouts! Look at those darling snow angels!

The snowy pics in the slideshow are AMAZING! Did you take those? I think you are great with the camera! WOW! That is a LOT of snow! Brrrrr!

Notes by Nina said...

Congrats on your award Judy, you deserve it. Thank you so much for passing the award on to me. This layout is wonderful. Love the slideshow. Thank you for sharing.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Eewww, Liver, thank GOODNESS you have not had to cook that, you would not see that in our house either!

Your layout is darling.. but where's Papa's angel? hmmm?

Cute slideshow, I can see what you mean about the horses. I LOVE the sheep. Love sheep, love them.

THANK YOU for not only re-awarding me, but your sweet, kind and touching words. I love you!

~ SIL!

Anonymous said...

Congats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me.I love the slide show and the snow..wish I had some of that here in Alabama just for a day or so anyway.what adorable snow angels you have.Thanks again and see you soon

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Judy:)
Congratulations on your award!! How cool!:)I am so honored that you added me to your list of receivers too.How sweet of you!!:)
Sorry I haven't been by for a little while.Hopefully I will be able to get back to visiting you regularly again real soon.:)I don't even have time to look your blog over right now.My DIL just called and told me they are coming over to spend the evening with us and I am NOT prepared for it.LOL Got lots to do to get the house ready for the little ones.:)I promise to be back and read your blog and catch up with all you have posted since I left for vacation.:)


Anonymous said...

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