Monday, January 12, 2009

This slideshow shows Samantha gift gift from Corey for Christmas ....she has just started playing with it I figure I would feature her this Monday morning ...this machine is so awesome ...and it is so her ...she loves making cards and sometime the little things we want add to our cards cost a bit . This machine helps cut these costs ....has Samantha goes along with creating things I will add more pictures....

Samantha and her card making Machine
Have fun Samantha ...can't wait to get you to do some fishing and camping things .

I got my book !!!!
I got my book !!!!

and I give it a try and tried the pizza recipe ...

I love this bread SIL Barb turned me on to ...and now I Have the book .

Barb I will keep you posted ..want to try some of the neat recipe you have shared with all of us

And of course you all know where the elements and paper came from yes

Olivia's aka(Mrs. Miles)


Being Mrs Miles said...

Very cool machined, Sammy - this will keep you busy for a while LOL! I'm sure you will create some beautiful things. Was the little monster your own design, or do you have to use the shapes they give you? I've never seen one of these in action.

So glad you like the book, Judy. I'm sure you will make lots of great food!

Its all foggy and soft here, still melty, hows the weather for you there? I'm sure I'll catch you around sometime today.

Love ya,

Notes by Nina said...

Samantha must be tickled pink with this new toy. I can't wait to see all the card that she can make with this master machine.

Your pizza looks amazing Judy, I can see you having many wonderful bread making hrs ahead of you.

Thank you for your consistent support with all your comments to my blog, it is so nice to share my cards.

Anonymous said...

Well your slide show turned out great ma...
As for Aunty Barbs question you buy cartridges for the machine and they have different designs for every cartridge. You can do different little things with them though there is options. I absolutely love it.....i have so much to learn though but will make scrapbooking the babies book so much easier and will help to make it much more affordable.

Ma so glad your bread turned out for you....i know how much of a worry wart you are.....i think i got that from you :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Judy, I've posted an award for you on my blog!

Being Mrs Miles said...

Thanks SAMMY for the info on your wicked-cool new scrapping machine! I'll bet your baby's book will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

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