Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well it is the 28 th and we all know who's birthday is today ....yes Valinda ...way to go girl...
now we all know the hubby and kids will be spoiling you rotten today girl put up those feet and relax in all that love ...
Make sure to check Mrs Miles ..she has a beautiful birthday surprise for all
Thanks to Jazzy for the words used and DAC Phillboo for QP.
Happy Birthday Dez ....have a great day
Thanks to ChaoLOunge for elements used here..
My Melissa girl ...she is a sweety ya girl ...
Thanks to Teapot Lady for this Color Challenge Kit ...
This is Aunty Sam with the two little niece Abi and Hannah
Thanks to Dac Phillboo for elements used ..and Jazzy for the words.


Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW Judy, you've been VERY busy! This layout you've made for Valinda is sooooo pretty! I'm sure she will be just tickled!

Thank you for thinking of Dezrae, I'm sure it will touch her. This sort of looks like a bookmark, what a neat idea! I get so used to doing 'squarish' things all the time. You might just inspire me.

Melissa DOES have such a sweet smile, therefore this kit is perfect for the photo too. How patient our kids are to allow us all the photos, no?

This last one, of Sam and the girls is PRECIOUS. These colors are something different for you. I was glad I could watch you make this one. Good Memories!

Thx for sharing, always enjoy seeing what you're up to!

Love, SIL

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon Judy!!:)
I am panting as I rush to get here before the day is over.LOL Soo sorry I didn't get here sooner!!
WOW!!I LOVE your layout!!How pretty and Barb is right..I am soo tickled!!You are just too sweet!I hope I can live up to that wonderful poem too.:)
Thank you soo much for being sooo sweet and kind to do this for me.:)
I have wished Dez a happy birthday on Barb's blog..but just in case she misses it..Happy Birthday Dezrae!!
Love your layout of Melissa too.The wordart is soo sweet!It's a wonderful photo of her!I finally got Christy to let me take her pic without her making a face.I learned to snap a pic when she wasn't looking.LOL

Thanks again my friend!! Gotta rush..almost dinner time and Golden Corral!!mmmm


Anonymous said...

Your layouts look awesome mom.....good job!!!!