Monday, January 19, 2009

I got a package from South Africa ...can you believe it . Thanks so much Kim...sorry the cookie package is not in the picture ..but between Papa and the grand kids ..they had the package open and eat good cookies they said ...I did get to see that Bakers made them and they were made for South Again THANKS KIM. Oh yes Melissa loved your money ..she thought it was neat with the rhino.

Was just playing around ..thought maybe this was sort of cute ...hope you enjoy .
I love to try and do my own sort of elements to play with ..

Well here are Socks and Lilly ...

Here are some of the beautiful bugs we saw this last summer has been melting and friends have been making plans of where to go and camp and fish this last few days ..made me think and look back at some of the things we did and saw....this dragon fly and the cricket ..the kids thought they were so neat...


Being Mrs Miles said...

Haha, thats so cute that the cookies got eaten by Papa and Missy. They must have been good. What a lovely thing for Kim to do - she's all heart! Whats in that bottle? I"m curious LOL!

I LOVE your layout,its so cute and the saying is PERFECT. Thats so true, I chase my tail trying to get everything done.

The kittens are adorable - are they Missy's?

Judy your insect photos are very VERY good. A nice reminder of summer, that time when the sun is in the sky LOL. Whaaaa! I want sun!

Love ya

Unknown said...

those dragonfly pics are nothing short of gorgeous!

{the grasshopper -- scary. LOL}

more pics more pics more pics...
Oh, did I mention I would LOVE just a few more pics?

Love the layout in the post below too! And I'm not just "sayin that"!

Samantha said...

Those kittens are so damn cute. Good job on creating your own little thing....very cute. I remember that one legged cricket....poor little bugger. Well as always ma good job and i look forward to your new entries always. Love ya

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