Friday, January 16, 2009

Wow I was looking through some books when I came upon this poem and it made me thing of things and people who have touch my life and always been there. so I decide to use the poem in this layout I used a bit of Bunny stuff and lots of KimB stuff ... My SIL Barb

Well my hubby surprise me with some flowers sweet ..They are so pretty and colourful this time of snowy white.

I took a drive and along the way this cute little tree fort could be seen ...seems this fellow will build the design you want ...I love this one ...what kid won't have fun with this.

This is a drain off the bridge ..looks so neat how the water has frozen...just had to stop and grab a picture traffic and did it fast ...

Well our granddaughter has joined basketball ...oh boy of the practises is at 7:00 am ...should be a good time ....just a couple shoot to show up ...was their first game.


Being Mrs Miles said...

THANK YOU for the beautiful layout and poem, Judy. You've touched me. This was an unexpected and I'm very moved. Thank you, you've made me smile today.

Love all your photos - the playhouse does look like a lot of fun! Your eye caught some wonderful treasures!

I can hardly believe thats Melissa, she's a young lady! Time just flies!

Off to church this morning, will look for you later.

Love, SIL

Samantha said...

That was a really nice layout you did for aunty barb turned out really nice.

Anonymous said...

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