Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Tea Party & Cardmaking Day

Abi and Hannah came for a visit and a tea party ...well Papa got the works ...tea...peanut butter and jam sandwich... and a health granola bar cut into little squares. He had a ball ...and then they had fun with the oranges ...this layout shows what other fun they got into ...

They had a loving spoonful of fun...below is Abi with Peewee...

These are some of the beautiful snow covered trees was a beautiful day

Well I have more to share but will do that tomorrow ...and also thanks to Chao's Lounge for elements and paper used to do the loving spoonful . Also in the layout I did this morning I forget to thank the very special lady who stuff I used to do Zach birthday layout my sister in law Barb (Mrs Miles) make sure you check out her site


Being Mrs Miles said...

I think PAPA (Barry) is the one who likes the tea parties and he makes the girls have them *snort*

Aww, what a good Papa he is, love the layout gave me a good giggle to start the day.

Your layout is perfect, you really caught it. You good great pics of the whole thing.

The inversion on the trees looks very cool. I love it when that happens, feels so magical!

Thanks for your post, SIL, it was wonderful to visit you here.


Notes by Nina said...

Great layout and slideshow. It looks like everyone had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing. Your winter wonderland picture look lovely.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Judy:)
I am so happy you like the QP!! You are more than welcome!!:)
Soo sorry I missed your DD's bday.:( Hope she had a great day..Zach too! January must have kept the baby docs busy.LOL We have five bdays to celebrate this month.Two down..three to go!!:)
I LOVE your pics of the snow!! Soo cool! We haven't had any here yet.We thought it could snow yesterday cause brrrr it was really cold and cloudy...but I guess it wasn't for us this time.:)
I also LOVE your layouts.The one with the tea party looks soo fun!!hehe
We use to have a dog named Peewee too.That was a very long time ago.:)Your's is soo sweet ..what kind is it? It looks a lot like the first dog I ever had when I was just a kid.:)
I will be taking a break this week.Don't know if I will have time to blog or don't get worried if I don't stop by.:)


Anonymous said...

Well your slide and page of the girls turned out great.....sure did look like Papa and the girls had lots of fun with those spoons....crazy kids....including papa :)

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