Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Well today I am featuring my SIL Barb (Mrs Miles)...this girl has so many talents and a love for the Lord that she shares openly. Before Barb got into digital scrapping ..she painted home features many of her water colours ...when I figure out how to work my camera better I will show them off. This layout I am showing was a painting Barb had done and then she turned around and made many of them into cards ...which you could write your own personal message inside. This painting of the Daffodils makes me think of the Spring that is on it's way.
This poem makes me award of how thankful I am for family and friends...
Life's Most Precious Things
The sunset's glowing colors,
the music in the trees,
The sweet perfume of summer
borne on a wandering breeze,
The kaleidoscope of autumn
along each country lane,
The beauty of the snowflakes,
the lullaby of rain,
Our family's love to bless us,
good freinds who are always there,
Hope to cheer and comfort,
the peace we find in prayer,
Tomorrow's precious promise
God's given you and me
Of all we hold and cherish,
the dearest things are free.


Being Mrs Miles said...

What a BEAUTIFUL poem, and I'd forgotten about that painting entirely. I especially loved that I painted it using only two complementary colors.

My biggest delight is knowing its hanging on your walls, Judy.

Thank you for honoring me in this way today.

Its snowing like MAD here today, can only enjoy it for a short while if we are to believe the weathermen/women who are predicting rain in the next two days.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Judy:)
Thank you soo much for stopping by again.I LOVE your visits!!:)
I am so thrilled that you put a painting of Barb's on here.Wish she would show more of her awesome work on her blog too!!:)How cool! Love the poem!!!
I also love your layout of your daughter.How fun..makes me look forward to Spring when all the little baby birds are chirping.:)
Have a wonderful evening.Are you getting any of that snow now or has it begun to rain yet?


Notes by Nina said...

Wow thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous watercolour that Barb create. I love you new blog header, very nice.Thank you so much for all the comments that you share when visiting my blog, you are so loyal so thank you. You won't be seeing any tutorial for a long time to come though as I am still learning and don't feel that I am comfortable in techniques to share yet. By the looks of your layout and cards you are not needed any direction anyway. Have a wonderful day.

xashee's corner said...

The painting/card is BEAUTIFUL!!! and i LOVE the poem too! Oh and further down, i LA LA LOVE those Santa (& his wife) how cool!! all i knew to do is make trees that way!!! i have NO imagination!! lol Oh and those chests!! WOW!!! that is an AWESOME talent for Papa!! Your whole family is chockfull of talents!! Thank you so much for sharing ALL that you do!! Hope you have an AWESOME day! :D

eilajean said...

Thank you so much for saringthis with us. Barb is very talented. I found your site through hers. You are all lucky to have each other. Family and friends are some of the greatest gifts God has offered us.

Have a great day!


LouCeeCreations said...

wow! is that Barbs watercolour, of course I realise she as so many tlents, I've seen her creative style in her digi scrap. what a clever lady she is.
And what a beautiful poem too! and how so very true :0
have a nice day.